DIA member Somyi is worrying fans with her recent instagram live!

On December 14, Somyi went live on Instagram a couple of times; she explained her situation and told fans that her agency, MBK Entertainment, had banned her from using social media or doing live streams.

She also told fans that she deeply loves and appreciates them; she also says she is ugly and feels that DIA can shine better without her with them, Somyi also talked about taking medicine to fall asleep but not knowing when or whether it’ll happen.

Somyi also said things to the effect of, “in front of people, I feel scared,” “I am a nobody,” and more worrisome comments.

Somyi also looked like she was about to cry and looked generally unhappy during the live broadcast. Some fans suspect she’s not a part of the group anymore judging by the tone of her voice and what she said, her agency, hasn’t issued an official statement in response to this live stream yet.

Fans are extremely worried about Somyi’s well-being, many are sending her encouraging words during this time.

Check out some of what Somyi’s fans caught watching her live:

What do you think of this situation?


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