Actress Hwang Jung Eum most recent Instagram updates are trending news everywhere, fans are seriously shocked after seeing them.

The 35-years-old actress is known for being a beauty but her recent photos have netizens questioning if she had plastic surgery done to her jawline and her eyes.

Hwang Jung Eum posted a couple of times to her Instagram over the past two days; she posted a video with the cast of her upcoming drama “Ssanggab Cart Bar” also starring Yook Sung Jae celebrating her birthday.

What drew attention was how weird netizens think she looked, her face looked so skinny and her eyes looked bigger. In some photos, netizens couldn’t even recognize her.

News articles covering stories about her recent photos went viral and are trending topics on Naver. Her agency was even contacted for a statement regarding if she had plastic surgery recently or not, the agency released a statement expressing shock at how netizens have been accusing her of plastic surgery, they stated that they will monitor malicious comments in order to take legal action.

Netizens expressed shock by Hwang Jung Eum changed appearance, many talking about how much she already looked good and didn’t need to touch her face, here are some of their comments,

“I think she got surgery, I am a fan, she looked way better before.”

“I can’t recognize her, who is this?”

“At this point, I think she sleeps with her eyes open.”

“I am not trying to be rude, but she seriously looks weird.”

“I think she’s becoming more… of a plastic monster… her height of beauty was during ‘High kick.’”

“Too bad, why would you ruin such a beautiful face…”

and more.

Do you think she looks different?


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우리는 열일중!!

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생일축하해준 #이경민포레가족들 알라뷰♡♡♡정으미3살

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  1. As others have noted, Jung-eum looked way better before. One can hardly see her dimples anymore. They are one of the best features about her face. And the fact that she got some work done on her face is apparent from the photos she herself has shared on Instagram. Moreover, she has lost way too much weight, possibly due to stress of her divorce or other issues. I wish her good health and lots of happiness. May we get to see her in more amazing dramas in the future


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