Ji Chang Wook Bizarre Hilarious New Instagram Updates Will Have You Asking ‘What’s Going On?’

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Ji Chang Wook is having fun during this Christmas at the beach in Miami, the beloved actor recent Instagram updates are evoking laughter.

Over the past couple of days, Ji Chang Wook constantly posted new photos and videos to his Instagram account, they were very hilarious and fans enjoyed them but at the same time, they questioned what was going on inside his mind.

In one of the posts, he talks to a shoe next to his friend who is buried in the sand. They had a hilarious conversation.

In another post, he is the one buried in the sand with the shoe beside his face, you can see him giving cute facial expressions, in one of the photos his friend’s butt is right up his face.

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Fans aren’t used to this goofy side from Ji Chang Wook but still appreciate it nonetheless.

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Ji Chang Wook recently wrapped up filming for his first kdrama since his military discharge, he’s already looking through offers for his next comeback. Fans are super excited about his return in 2020, for the meantime, they’re happy he’s constantly updating them on Instagram with hilarious content.

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Check out his posts below and let us know what did you think of them?


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