Ji Chang Wook Becomes A Trending Topic Worldwide After He Posts Video Of Himself Smoking

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Ji Chang Wook surprised his fans with his most recent Instagram update!

The beloved popular actor Ji Chang Wook regularly updates his Instagram with selfies, fun videos and behind-the-scene from his recent project.

On December 19 (KST), Ji Chang Wook updated his Instagram story with a video of himself smoking. He captioned,

“Too cold, can’t sleep but I am happy.”

Fans were surprised with the video because many of them didn’t know the actor smoked to begin with. It’s also very rare to see Korean actors or idols flaunting smoking a cigarette on social media, so it was even more surprising to see him post that video.

UPDATE: K-Netizens Criticize Ji Chang Wook For The Smoking ‘Issue’ Saying He Influences Young Fans, International Fans Baffled

Some fans believe he looks even sexier right now because of the way he smokes, while others are worried about his health.

Ji Chang Wook recently wrapped up his first post-military discharge drama “Melting Me Softly.”

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Check out the video below:

Here is how fans reacted to this:

Were you shocked to learn that he smoked?

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  1. I would rather have My biases show off their true self than act all cute and uptight all the time. They don’t need to act according to the netizens’ wish all the time. It’s fine that they have their own side. It’s not like he is a criminal for doing it or something. Let him live. The people who follow him need to accept him with this, if they claim to love him truly in the first place or are free to love another actor. It’s fine as long as he is still healthy and is not taking that to extreme. Also, netizens need to stop burdening them withe the burden of being a perfectionist. They are humans too. Just because they are good looking and famous , and you supposedly “love ” him, does not necessarily mean you fantasize him of not doing anything that you don’t want him to do. There are bigger crimes hapeening in this world. Fight that, if you have so much time on your hands.

  2. my father is a smoker and my uncle
    they have their reasons and so does he
    smoking is really dangerous so my uncle attempted to stop since he is a doctor and knows the concequences of smoking
    he succeeded
    he told my father so my father too tried and had hope because of his brother’s success
    my father couldn’t
    he was on a different medication
    my uncle had those sticky pads that removed something in his blood
    idk much
    he is the doctor
    my father had a different way (pills) it caused him depression so after a month and 7 days he couldn’t continue and stopped the medication and went back to smoking
    my dad couldn’t do the sticking the pad thing on his body because of the weather we lived in (my uncle lived in japan so he was able to do it)
    it was hot and a lot of dust all around us so the pad would fall of easily so he bought pills that would help him but it brought depression
    he couldn’t endure it much but promised to try again when he is fully ready
    i am saying this because i want to help
    i really want him to get over smoking
    instead of blaming him for his choices
    i would like to offer help
    i am not experienced but have enough ppl in my life that i learned from and i am sharing their experiences
    my father and uncle aren’t like those smokers in the movies
    they are just always on their own nerves
    i just wanted to give some advice
    i saw what smoking makes ppl go through
    it relieves stress and keeps the person always alert
    that is why ppl choose to smoke
    it has a lot of down sides that is what makes it not worth it
    it is addictive so it isn’t easy for the smoker
    he chose to share it himself to instead of being caught
    he knew he couldn’t stop and it would be worse to get caught
    i hope at least a person sees this and would tell whoever misunderstood his divisions
    i am still not saying it is a good decision

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