GOT7 Member Falls Down Due To Sasaengs Intrusive Behavior At The Airport, Jackson And JYP Issue Responses


GOT7 continues to struggle with sasaengs unacceptable behavior at the airport, they recently had issues when arriving at Qingdao International Airport.

As a result, Jackson wrote a post to his Instagram story in both English and Chinese asking fans ‘with cameras’ to be mindful of others,


Hello there. Those who run and carry big cameras to take pictures in airports. Please be careful. Your safety, my safety, everyone’s safety.

Let’s not mention what happened today anymore, but if it happens again, other people might get hurt and what if you got hurt?

Thanks, guys.

For you, for me, for everyone.”

It was then followed by a statement from JYP, they explained that a GOT7 member fell down due to overcrowding and illegal activities that on-site staff guidance and guidelines.

They explained that such ‘fans’ will be banned from attending GOT7 future activities since they’ll be put on the blacklist for breaking the rules. They also promised strict legal action against such illegal acts today in accordance with the Criminal Act and the Minor Offences Act.

JYP also asked for fans’ cooperation, they asked fans to email them ([email protected]) in case they have any information that could help JYP catch and punish those individuals who continue to cause issues for GOT7, themselves and other people at the airport.

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What do you think of fans who wait for idols at the airport?


  1. To be honest, I really think that this over-obsessed fans need to stop with all of this shit going on. They are making chaos and making the idols feel really scared and worried because you never know what these people could do. In my opinion, I think that these fans should be banned from the airport when these kpop groups are boarding the plane or exiting the plane. These Over-obsessed fans are acting like some monsters and animal ass bitches-like for real. They need to stop. I am tired of hearing articles that talk about Sasaengs involved with injury to kpop members. I also think that there should be a clear entrance so that the members could get by. More Security also.


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