GOT7 leader JB had this to say on his recent Instagram post and it’s causing concern among his fans.

On December 6, JB posted a photo of the ceiling with the caption, “I want to be happy.” Fans grew worried after they saw his post and began to wonder if he’s okay and whether he’s going through a difficult time lately.

GOT7 has had an eventful year, they have been mostly busy with individual and group promotions and activities, some fans argue that GOT7 members are not getting the adequate rest they need because of their hectic schedules.

A couple of days ago, both Jackson and Youngjae sat out of activities due to health concerns which also caused fans to worry.

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Fans would love for JB and the rest of GOT7 to take a break for a while to focus on themselves. Fans have been sending JB lots of love on the internet.

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