Former iKON Member B.I Worries Fans After He Does This To His Instagram Account

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Former iKON Member B.I recent Instagram activity is getting mixed reactions from fans and some of them are worried.

B.I has been keeping a low profile ever since his drug controversy; he’s been undergoing investigation by police as well as Yang Hyun Suk for his alleged participation in concealing his alleged crimes.

Not too long ago, B.I deleted almost all of his Instagram photos only keeping photos with his former group iKON, fans saw this as a sign of a good thing but since then he’s been inactive, fans are worried about how he’s doing.

On December 30, fans noticed that B.I set his Instagram account to private, some people are afraid he’s been seeing many negative comments and would want to set it to private to lower that, others believe he’s about to share something with them and he wants it to be available only to fans.

What do you think of this? Do you miss B.I?

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