Fans had been buzzing about former iKON member B.I’s alleged return to the music scene following the marijuana controversy and subsequent investigation.

B.I has been MIA following the huge controversy and backlash; he disappeared from social media and hasn’t made an appearance officially anywhere since it all started.

But what does B.I have to do with Kim Jae Hwan?

On December 15, a post online went viral, the post claims B.I was one of the composers on a track of Kim Jae Hwan’s most recent mini-album “Moment.” The particular track in question is “After Party,” which is credited to Jung Dae Gam, White99, and Kim Jae Hwan. Fans suspected that B.I could be using a pseudonym; fans had previously seen that same song title in a folder of songs B.I had previously shared with fans.

However, Swing Entertainment has issued an official statement denying that. They stated that after checking with the composers’ team, they have confirmed B.I didn’t work on the track.

However, fans weren’t entirely convinced; some believe they heard B.I’s voice on that track.

Later, a source from the producing team Duble Sidekick also denied the claim and explained that the voice in the chorus belongs to composer Ham Jun Seok.

What do you think of this?

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