Super Junior Heechul has made his first public appearance following the sudden tragic passing of Goo Hara, one of his closest friends.

Goo Hara tragically passed away late November, and prior to that, Sulli passed away. Heechul lost two of his best friends in two months. Fans were deeply concerned about his well-being.

On December 3, Heechul was spotted at Airport leaving for Shanghai; he wore a mask and rarely made eye contact with the press or the waiting fans. His somber facial expressions are deeply concerning his fans. He has had a very difficult 2019.

He previously deleted all of the people he follows on Instagram and switched his account to private following the news of Goo Hara’s passing. They were known for being especially close to each other and he’d brag about their friendship on TV.

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Fans responded with heartfelt messages such as, “stay strong,” “fighting,” “hang in there,” “please take care of yourself.”

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