Famous YG Trainees To Debut In A New Girl Group By A Different Agency


Famous YG Trainees Jinny Park and Denise Kim are finally set to make their debut soon!

Fans of YG were excited to learn about the news. A label called VINE Entertainment posted a photo of five idols in front of a cake indicating that there are 100 days left till something big happens, people are assuming it’s an indication of how long it’ll take before the girls’ debut.

Fans noticed that Jinny Park and Denise Kim were a part of this group. The two talented former YG trainees had left the agency previously. Jinny Park appeared on “Produce 48,” while Denise Kim appeared in “Kpop Star 5” previously.

While it’s a bittersweet feeling, fans are still excited to see the girls finally get their chance to debut after all the hard work they put in. The girls also posted about their upcoming debut on their social media accounts.

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