EXO continue to struggle with obsessive behavior by sasaeng (obsessive so-called fans who stalk idols)!

EXO are unfortunately no strangers to such behavior but the intensity and creepiness continue to rise and its worrying fans.

EXO Kai recently went live on Instagram to chat with fans, however, fans noticed that he was a bit strange during the live session and they got to know why he seemed to be off because he addressed it himself.

During the live, Kai said,

“Also, I am telling you this because I saw it, there seems to be sasaengs outside the dorm. I will call the police, leave quickly.”

Fans are proud of Kai for publicly calling out those sasaengs who can’t seem to let the boys rest. They liked his stern response to them and many encouraged him to call the police. EXO has had many run-ins with these sasaengs who continue to intrude on their privacy; their dorm had been broken into previously by those sasaengs as well. Some of them had even installed cameras in their hotel rooms.

Earlier this year, both Kai and Baekhyun publicly called out those sasaengs asking them to stop following them around. Fans have been pleading with SM to take action against those sasaengs.

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Check out the moment where he said this below:

What do you think of such behavior?


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