CLC Sorn Says She’s Not Asking For Forgiveness In Official Apology Following Photo With Racist Mask


CLC Sorn has posted an apology in relation to the recent photo she uploaded.

Sorn previously posted a photo with her friends; however, one of her friends was wearing a racist caricature mask. When fans tried to point it out to her, she deleted the photo, however, things got confusing when fans saw that she also posted a photo asking people to ‘chill’ and it infuriated fans even more.

Following that, she topped twitter worldwide trends, as fans discussed the issue and expressed their disappointment with her.

Sorn has finally issued an apology. In her apology, she acknowledges the way she behaved was offensive to others; she also says she won’t ask for forgiveness.

Here is her apology:

“Hey everyone, in light of recent events, I sincerely apologize for my actions. Specifically, I am sorry for being culturally insensitive and in no way was I trying to intentionally offend anyone. In hindsight, I am realizing how this photo could have offended others. I am genuinely sorry, and will reflect upon my mistakes. I am not asking for anyone’s forgiveness but I am writing this message to say that I know how much people are hurt by the picture I posted last night. I understand people are allowed to feel and I am in no way expecting the people I offended to forgive me. Sorry guys and I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future. Sorry for disappointing you Cheshire.”

Regarding the photo where she asks fans to chill, one fan asked of Sorn to explain that photo, Sorn says it was in no way related to the controversy. Also, fans apparently found proof that the ‘chill’ photo was posted before the actual controversial photo. We have no way to prove that since both photos have been deleted.

The man who wore the mask also apologized:

What do you think of Sorn’s apology?

Note: this article has been adjusted taking into consideration Sorn’s apology and comments on the ‘chill’ photo.


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