BTS V Gets The Most Lavish Birthday Present, Becoming The First Korean Celebrity To Get It

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BTS V birthday is coming up and we all know what that means, ARMY are busy preparing many fan-projects to celebrate his birthday.

BTS V will turn 24 (international age) on December 30. One of his fan bases decided to light up parts of Seoul in purple in celebration of his birthday. The word ‘purple’ has a special meaning in fans’ hearts because BTS V coined the meaning of ‘trust and love’ during the group’s third Muster fan meeting. Ever since then, ARMY would tell each other ‘we purple you,’ meaning ‘we love you.’

Around Cheonggyecheon, fans set up a special zone titled the “Purple V Zone,” that special area is now lit with purple lights, “V” shapes and more things that represent or refer to V. This is part of The 2019 Seoul Christmas Festival to light up parts of Seoul for this Christmas.

This makes BTS V the first-ever Korean celebrity to have such an event dedicated to him at Cheonggyecheon. His Chinese fanbase was able to organize this event after sponsoring the Christmas Festival project by the city of Seoul; fans have been sharing various photos of the decorations.

The 2019 Seoul Christmas Festival is taking place from December 13 to January 1.

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Check out photos of the project below:

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