BLACKPINK Lisa Cyberbullied With Horrible Disrespectful Racist Comments By A Chat-Group, Twitter User Exposes Its Content

K-BLINKs are furious and they’re demanding justice for BLACKPINK Lisa after the content of a group chat allegedly by K-ONCE leaks, the group chat content is very disrespectful and racist. It is estimated that there are around 45 people but it hasn’t been confirmed either.

The group chat content was uploaded by a twitter user, the group chat harassed many idol groups notably BTS, BLACKPINK, and IZ*ONE. In this article, we’ll focus on the hate BLACKPINK Lisa had received and why a certain hashtag topped Korea twitter worldwide trends before diving into the hate other groups had also received.

The twitter user tagged JYP and TWICE official accounts and exposed so many screenshots of the chat group. Take a look at the thread below:

Note: some of the below comments might be disturbing. Proceed with caution

The group chat focuses on dissing and disrespecting the previously mentioned groups, they’re rumored to be k-ONCE but that hasn’t been proven. The group chat called BLACKPINK YouTubers, and discusses how they shouldn’t even be called singers because all they do is model and post to instagram, but that’s not the worst of it. They also celebrated when BLACKPINK got into bad rumors.

In the group, they talked about how BLACKPINK should starve to death; they also make fun of their skinny figures. Lisa was specifically bullied for her ethnicity, getting called so many nasty disrespectful comments along with the rest of the members such as,


“Nuclear waste from Thailand.”

“South East Asian ghetto body shape group.”

They also tried to manipulate people into thinking that BLACKPINK fan meeting flopped in South Korea by spreading false photos of empty seats. They also reportedly pretend to be fans of the group to worsen the relationship between the Korean side of the fandom and the international side of the fandom.

K-BLINKs were furious after reading the content of the chat-group, they defended Lisa against haters and even trended the hashtag #원스_단톡방_공론화on December 22 demanding justice for Lisa.

The hashtag topped Korea trends. When International BLINKs were made aware of this issue, they became extremely furious by the disrespect Lisa and the rest of BLACKPINK members suffer from for reasons beyond their control or for no reason at all. The girls haven’t even done anything to warrant getting this much hate by other fandoms. They demanded YG takes strict legal action against members of the chat group.

Wikitree was one of the news outlets that covered the issue and shared screenshots of the group-chat, the news trended in South Korea.

The chat-group also celebrated IZ*ONE losing gigs due to the vote-rigging controversy and claimed it was ‘justice.’ They also tried to sabotage IZ*ONE and were discussing starting a petition to the blue house to ban IZ*ONE from appearing on TV.

They also took aim at BTS and claimed that they win so many awards because of their fandom; they claim the PDs and stations are afraid of ARMY and thus they give all the awards to them. They also said that BTS aren’t the only ones who suffered through hardships and that they should hurry up and enlist because they’re affecting TWICE chart rankings.

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10 thoughts on “BLACKPINK Lisa Cyberbullied With Horrible Disrespectful Racist Comments By A Chat-Group, Twitter User Exposes Its Content”

  1. you know it’s kinda unfair that a fandom is being attack just because they got exposed. When we all know that those kind of fans and conversations and actions exist in every fandom in existence in this damn world we living in not just in K-pop but in every artists who have an existing fandom have members who talks like that and attack other artists that is in contrast with their fav artists…

    why do they think hateful comments exists?

    the funny thing is the people who exposed the group chat probably did the same thing..

    • Are you serious? After all of this, you are yet sending hate to another group because of their fandom? Twice has nothing to do with this and you know that. Hate is not the solution to hate. Just stop.

  2. These days people thinks that idols are not human beings but robot. They have to be perfect anyhow. Cyber bullying us getting out of hands. Those haters didn’t learn anything even after some of the idols attempt suicide for getting unwanted hates. Seriously,there should be a Troll police to stop cyber bullying. Those toxic people should be punished.

  3. This haters have gonna to die because I hate people who hate blackpink especially Lisa she is my bias they girls deserve to be happy and not talk bad to them I’m blinks and I want protect our idols netizen always jealous to them because they so popular lol so sad the netizen.

  4. For blinks : R u guys sure that once did this thing ? Others can do this too by naming themselves as once . And if once do this,what does twice have to do with it .It is not their fault.
    For once : If u guys really did this thing then u should know that u did a very bad thing .This will increase twice haters.


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