AOA’s Hyejeong And Ryu Ui Hyun Have Officially Broken Up


It’s been revealed that AOA’s Hyejeong and rookie actor Ryu Ui Hyun have ended their relationship.

On December 23, a media outlet cited several industry sources and reported that the couple had recently ended their relationship.

Later, FNC Entertainment released an official statement confirming that the couple recently broke up; however, they couldn’t reveal the exact timing or the reason since they didn’t know.

Actor Ryu Ui Hyun agency also shared a similar statement; they declined to reveal details since it’s about their private lives.

The former couple first attracted attention for their age gap, Hyejeong was born in 1993 while actor Ryu Ui Hyun was born in 1999; fans supported the couple who first met on the set of a web drama.

They previously confirmed their dating news in April of 2019; they had been dating since December 2018.

Wishing both of them the best!

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