AOA Yuna Revealed To Have Worked On TWICE, ITZY And Apink Hit Songs Under The Alias E.NA

Fans have discovered something about AOA Yuna that made them admire her talent even more.

On December 26, Korean news outlets reported that AOA Yuna is composer E.NA who has many songs to her name registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association; her agency later released a statement confirming that she is indeed active as a composer under the alias E.NA.

Many people had been suspecting that E.NA was AOA Yuna. Some of her works include the backing vocals for TWICE’s “Heart Shaker”, ITZY’s “Dalla Dalla”, Apink’s “Alright” and WJSN’s “Bad Boy” and not only that but she’s also been credited for composing Ha Hyun Sang’s “Becoming The Wind” (Mr. Sunshine OST) and Juniel’s “That Star” (Catch that Ghost OST).

Yuna shared that she naturally became interested in writing and composing music since she enjoys singing so much. As for the reason behind using an alias, she said she wanted people to listen to her songs without prejudice.

Fans are super proud of Yuna after finding out this about her, they’re interested in her future works.

Did this fact shock you?

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