Ahn Jae Hyun Drama “Love With Flaws” found itself in an awkward position having to explain why their main drama poster wasn’t plagiarizing anyone’s work.

The drama main poster was involved in a plagiarism controversy due to the similarities between it and a famous scene from British Singer Dua Lipa music video “New Rules.”

In both images you see people standing in a row hugging each other from the back, on top of that, they’re all wearing pastel-colored clothing.

However, if you closely compare both pictures, you’ll find that the actors of “Love With Flaws” were wearing t-shirts, while the people in the music video wore dressing gowns. Also, the people in the music video were hugging each other’s arms, while “Love With Flaws” cast hugged each other’s waist.

The issue became that the color, pose and even facial expressions mostly matched with Dua Lipa’s song. A source from “Love With Flaws” explained their position. They stated that it’s not plagiarism but parody, they admitted that they did refer to that scene in question but they used this particular pose to maximize the message they’re trying to send, that they’re hardworking individuals with flaws.

What do you think of their response?

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