The Real Reason Why Kim Woo Bin Released This Pictorial To Fans Will Make You Emotional

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Actor Kim Woo Bin is looking great in a recent pictorial by his agency.

The actor has been getting back to the entertainment business over the past months, he recently had a fan meeting to greet his fans two years after his cancer diagnosis, he’s also coming back to TV as a narrator of MBC’s upcoming documentary “Humanimal,” added to that, he’s currently considering his first comeback project.

On December 27, Kim Woo Bin agency SidusHQ released a stunning pictorial of him with long hair, the pictorial left fans in awe of his handsomeness. The pictorial is even more special to fans after they found out the reason why he released it, a representative from his agency stated that this pictorial was recorded when Kim Woo Bin had long hair, it was done to show to his fans who weren’t able to greet him during his hiatus, they had planned it as a gift for fans.

Back in 2017 when Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer fans were extremely worried about his well-being, he took a hiatus and was rarely seen publicly as he focused on his chemotherapy, fans are extremely happy to see him back in the limelight after winning his battle against cancer.

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Check out the pictorial below:

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