Actor Jung Il Woo has opened up about his experience following his diagnosis with a cerebral aneurysm at the young age of 26.

The shocking news was first revealed to the public back in 2016 when Jung Il Woo enlisted as a public service worker instead of an active-duty soldier. Back then, his agency explained why he’d be enlisting as a public service worker instead of an active-duty soldier worrying fans with their announcement. Back then, he received praise for enlisting despite his condition.

To sum it up as much as possible while explaining why cerebral aneurysm could become a life-threatening disease. Cerebral aneurysm is a weakened blood vessel that results in artery enlargement in the brain. Ruptures and bleeding caused by cerebral aneurysm can cause a stroke or a coma and could potentially result in death. However, there is 50% to 80% chance that cerebral aneurysms will not rupture.

On November 29 episode of KBS variety show “New Item Release, Convenience Store Restaurant” he opened up about coping with cerebral aneurysm and how he fell into depression because of it.

During the show, the actor went on a camping trip with his friends; while they rested he opened up about getting diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm at a young age,

“When I was diagnosed, I felt that it was a ticking time bomb. I couldn’t even leave my house because of anxiety and depression.”

He says he lived like that for a month, he then changed his outlook and thought that people don’t know when they’ll die so he might as well enjoy the present doing whatever he wants while he still can,

“With that mindset, I went to Santiago. At that time, it was the happiest time of my life since I went there not as actor Jung Il Woo but Jung Il Woo in his mid-20s.”

He also revealed that since he’s still young, he can’t get surgery adding that he gets examined once every three months.

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Fans appreciate Jung Il Woo’s honesty and feel for him. They’re happy he’s ok now and can talk about it; he rarely opened up about his illness on TV.

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