Ku Hye Sun has been active on social media despite her ongoing divorce lawsuit with Ahn Jae Hyun.

The beloved singer-actress recently opened up about her reactions and actions during the early days after the divorce lawsuit was announced, she also confirmed that she is indeed getting a divorce from Ahn Jae Hyun, she stated that things were over between them and referenced how he allegedly talked about their private issues with his company which damaged her trust in him even more.

Thus, fans are expecting the divorce lawsuit to be finalized soon.

On December 4, Ku Hye Sun posted two selfies to her Instagram to wish her fans a good night, she captioned,

“Good night. These days, when the sun goes down, it’s a very happy dreamland.”

One fan left this comment,

“Will you marry me?”

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Ku Hye Sun witty response was,

“Not yet,” to which the fan replied with, “I’ll wait,” evoking laughter from fans who saw the comments.

Some think Ku Hye Sun was taking a jab at Ahn Jae Hyun while others think she was just joking around with her fans. Nevertheless, it was a witty funny response. Her comment made headlines in South Korea; it was one of the top stories on Naver Entertainment.

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잘자요(요즘은 해가 지면 자요❤️너무 행복한 꿈나라)

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What do you think of her response?


  1. I think she should hold off on marrying again until she works on herself.. and learns how to manage her emotions in a mature way. Everyone deserves love, just not the toxic , overbearing kind. I hope she finds a way to learn and grow as an individual.

    • Where is my original post. I wrote that you heading is misleading.

      You purposely used the word SAVAGE to get more traffic. Bcs of what I wrote you deleted my comment. Come on,have some integrity!

  2. U dont have to think so much about relationships as life is more happier so always think of ur relationship which existed frm childhood like parents sibblings and friends those who love care respect us in many ways whether we may be wrong or right they r always with us so pls dont be upset on just 1 relation which hurted u if u think u dont deserve him then fine thats ur heart whats speaking respect urself and walk ahead life is beautiful with lots of surprises so pls be happy with what u have

  3. Work on being happy with yourself and love will come with much happiness. Remember you don’t need a man to make you happy. When you come to the place of happiness of yourself the love you search for will arrive.

  4. Stay strong. He didn’t deserve your love and you will be so much better off without him. Please go back and work on your career. I have a feeling much better things await you in the future.

  5. Have to say. HS does not look like she is in her mod 30’s. She looks like shes in her early to mid 20’s.
    Stay healthy. I’m rooting for you. Hoping to see you on screen again.


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