One of the most famous and beloved Korean actresses, Choi Ji Woo, is going to become a mom very soon.

On December 23, YG Entertainment shared the happy news with the press. They revealed that Choi Ji Woo is currently pregnant with her first child; the baby is due in the spring of 2020.

YG Entertainment also explained how happy and thankful Choi Ji Woo is; she’s also working hard on taking good care of herself concentrating on prenatal care. YG Entertainment closed their statement with,

“From now on, actress Choi Ji Woo plans to continuously show a good impression of herself as the wife of a family and a mother, she also plans on working harder as an actress as well.”

The beloved Korean actress first made her debut in 1994, she has appeared in many famous kdramas over the years including “Winter Sonata, “Stairway to Heaven,” “The Suspicious Housemaid,” “Temptation,” “Twenty Again,” “Woman With a Suitcase.”

Choi Ji Woo married her non-celebrity husband in March of 2018.

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Congratulations to the couple!

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