A couple of days ago, SBS aired their controversial episode of the show “Unanswered Questions,” the episode dove into Sulli’s death and what could’ve possibly been the cause of it.

During the episode, they interviewed many people including a YouTuber (BJ: Broadcast Jockey) under the channel name: Baepon TV, that BJ claims he used to date Sulli.

Shortly after her death, he ran a stream and started weeping repeating over and over again that he would never forget her. However, in contrast to his stream, he had a different attitude when interviewed by SBS “Unanswered Questions.”

He said,

“I wanted to express my sadness in another way. I didn’t mean to mock or disrespect her.”

However, what he added next infuriated netizens, he said,

“I feel that its not right for celebrities to be hurt by malicious comments. As a rule, celebrities should push through those difficulties. It wasn’t stated that Sulli died because of those malicious comments. If you’re going to complain about mean comments, quit being a celebrity.”

After that episode aired, netizens expressed their anger and frustration with the BJ, they called him out for being an attention seeker, a disgusting human and someone who tried to take advantage of Sulli’s death.

After seeing those comments, he uploaded a YouTube video to mock these netizens, he banged his head against the wall and made weird noises, you can see it here. This angered netizens even more.

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What do you think of what he said?

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