Will Fans help Save Wonho? Hundreds Of Thousands Of Fans Sign Petition In Hopes Of Keeping Him In MONSTA X

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MONSTA X fans want to keep fighting for Wonho to stay in his group!

Yesterday, MONSTA X suffered what could be described as the worst day of their careers. Wonho announced his departure from MONSTA X and Shownu was involved in a controversy with an alleged married woman, although Starship cleared that up. It seemed that MONSTA X previous controversies were being piled on top of each other all in one day.

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After MONSTA X fans found out that Wonho had left his group, they were furious with the entire way this had been handled. A fan started a petition titled “Keep a member of Monsta X” on Petition.org, the petition soon spread everywhere and Monbebes began encouraging others to sign it.

Korean Monbebe also went to Starship headquarters following Wonho’s departure announcement where they put on sticky notes pleading with the agency to keep Wonho. Those sticky notes were later taken down.

Fans had more hope yesterday because Wonho hadn’t terminated his contract with his label yet. Many began spreading rumors that the members were inside the company discussing the group’s future; however, those rumors were never verified.

On November 1st, fans woke up to more unpleasant news, starting with Dispatch report that exposes Wonho’s alleged dark past which involves alleged drug possession and use plus his past before he debuted as part of MONSTA X. It was also reported that he is currently undergoing police investigation for alleged drug use (marijuana) back in 2013.

The Dispatch report went viral, as you’d expect, and soon everyone was covering the story, it grew so big that many had anticipated Starship next move. After the report was published, Starship issued a statement announcing that Wonho had left the label; his contract was terminated due to the recent events.

Despite the heartbreaking response, many fans refuse to give up and continue to sign the petition; it has surpassed the 332,000 signatures. You can sign the petition here.

Fans are also trending many hashtags on Twitter in hopes of bringing this to Starship attention.

What do you think of Monbebe efforts? Do you want Wonho to go back to MONSTA X?

By Kevin Miller

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  1. We need him back lee Hoseok wonho must stay montax will be incomplete without him the were like a pillar of seven and they should be we won’t bear a pillar of monbebe leaving us monsta x the seven pillars of monsta x past is past past had nothing to do with the present no matter how good or there past was we love them because of who they are now we don’t have the rights to criticize him starship should take a action this is going to be a bad kpop year if wonho is not back

  2. Even if all of the allegations against him are true, which I doubt, they are long in the past and he has worked so hard for Monsta X. No one is without mistakes or flaws. I want him back in the group!

  3. So Wonho may have used weed back in 2013, so what? Where I’m from that’s just a Tuesday. Weed isn’t a big deal, it’s safer than alcohol and has medical benefits. I’m well aware that S.Korea’s cannabis laws are insanely repressive, but this is too much.

    And it was such a long time ago. Does forgiveness not exist over there? Can one not learn from past “mistakes” and do better? Is Wonho not an example of someone who has improved his life?

    I like Korean entertainment but the more I learn about certain aspects of the laws and the culture, the more wary I am of it

  4. #bringwonhoback
    omg, guys stop bring up the past, u can’t change what happen an hour ago, so get off this poor young man’s past, 6 yrs hell i can’t remember 6 days, 6 hours, maybe 6 minutes ago. Seriously, the Social Media Hate needs to stop, i stay put that women in a mental hospital, what is so amazing is your still listening to her, seriously leave that women alone and put her in her social media haven of Mental Hospital. Wonho career is not over, he is so missed and so loved by many, many who can think on there own and no better about someone being bullied or hated. Wonho go back to work, your a strong man to have endured your training and life up until now, what is stopping you from moving forward still, a lot of us will support you. I’m Army, and I’ll support his return. ty for reading.

  5. I don’t care what wonho has done in his pass . I want all monstax 7 together no matter what!! In my eye he did not commit murder or kill anyone ! That punishable ! Every one has a dark pass but his fans ( monbebe ) don’t care about them .. everyone should listen ! I bet the CEO of starship has dirty little secret and no one question them. Right! Wonho will always be monstax 7 … we will always love him!! Always ! Monbebe 4ever!

  6. This is a deliberate attack on the Group. As much as I love the group because I never stanned another artist/group after Bi Rain, I try to be as fair as possible. If the incident took place in 2013 why wait till now. If the offences were indeed true, a lawsuit should have been filed by the person/persons who made the allegation. If it was related to owing of money, the matter could have either been settled by court/outside the court. Something like smoking marijuana back in the trainee days, is not excusable but is also not much of a serious offence than being involved in trafficking, killing, prostitution or sexual assault. Cyber Defamation is one of the worst of its kind as I saw many idols suffer from it. Monsta X is big in a way internationally when compared to Korea. The company has only done what they have done as damage limitation but has never defended the artist, nor settle his dues. I happened to see two of their performances after the departure, I saw rage written on their faces. What happens to the idol if the offences were false?. Kangin of SUJU was also thrown owing to some drunken brawl. Nobody is perfect. The label needs to understand that. Treating the artist as tool and discarding them when anything happens is one of the worst behaviors I have seen in Kpop. You should care about an artist who fetches you income, the least you can do is care about his mental health and physical health. Jonghyuns death actually affected me a lot and now I heard of Sulli. This has to chage. I have written a lot. Hopefully someone reads this and think about it.

  7. BRING WONHO BACK STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whatever happened was in the past, and we desperately want him back. You cannot just abandon ur idol like that. I’m still in tears over what happened.

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