Why This Touching BTS V Message To The Fandom Is Going Viral


BTS V knows what to say to make ARMY hearts melt all around the world.

BTS held their 3-day concerts in Seoul for their world tour finale; they surprised fans with many cool effects and amazing performances. The concerts were attended by many celebrities and idols who showed up to support members of BTS.

During the final concerts, many moments went viral and were discussed by the fandom and people outside it as well. One of them happened to be the sweet message of BTS V dedicated to all ARMY.

In his speech, he says that he was upset to see the concerts coming to an end and talks about how he’d like to keep going until every fan has seen them,

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“We have one night left of our concert… but honestly, we’d like to keep going…

For the ARMYs who haven’t been able to see us live yet, we would like to give them the chance to come hear us perform as well. I mean, we’d like everyone to have seen us.

So, until this time comes, we’ll keep going. We’ll keep making music, we’ll keep releasing albums and we’ll keep holding concerts and performing.”

One Korean ARMY shared a video of BTS V talking about this and playfully interacting with fans who couldn’t stop gushing about how cute he was and how sincere those words are as well.

His kind words touched ARMY hearts all around the world; as a result, his message has gone viral.

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You can check out the video where he talks about it below:

Have you ever been to a BTS concert?

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8 thoughts on “Why This Touching BTS V Message To The Fandom Is Going Viral”

  1. We had the opportunity to go and see them at the first concert in The Rose bowl in LA. It was amazing!!! So happy we got the tickets. My daughter is a huge fan, and that day they won my heart. They are unbelievable singers, and dancers, but I really believe they are amazing human beings. Thank you for your hard work. And of course for all the good times you give us.


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