We Finally Know Why We’ll Never Get To See BLACKPINK And Dua Lipa In “Kiss And Make Up” MV

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“Kiss And Make Up” might’ve been released a year ago but it’s still on fans’ minds, and many had been wondering whether there will be a music video for the hit collaboration between the girls and Dua Lipa.

Sadly, it seems that it’ll never happen. How do we know? Dua Lipa had said so…

During a recent interview with Kiss FM UK, Dua Lipa answered fans’ questions and one of them was about the possibility of the girls ever filming a music video for “Kiss And Make Up.”

Dua Lipa answered,

“So is BLACKPINK and Dua ever going to release a music video for ‘Kiss and Make Up’? Unfortunately my dear, not this time.

I would have loved to and I love the girls, just our schedules are bonkers and we never got the chance to do it. But maybe we’ll do another song at some point and we’ll try and deliver a video for you guys.”

Dua Lipa had hinted at the possibility of filming a music video a while ago but it seems that their hectic schedules made it impossible. Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK did get to collaborate on stage once for a live performance of the song, fans hope that they get to see them collaborate in the future again.

Are you sad to learn that we’ll never get “Kiss And Make Up” MV?

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