VIXX Leo will be enlisting soon!

On November 14, VIXX Leo took to his official fan café to announce that he is set to enlist on December 2nd, he also surprised fans by revealing he’s been struggling with severe panic disorder and depression.

In his letter to fans, he began by announcing his enlistment date, he will enlist as a public service soldier instead of an active-duty soldier, he explained why in his letter.

He revealed that since November of 2013, after going on the fan meeting world tour with VIXX, he’s been suffering from severe panic disorder and depression. He assured fans he’s been taking good care of himself and is consistently receiving treatment so it doesn’t get any worse.

He apologized to fans who worried about him and to those who might be disappointed in him as well. He says that he was only able to keep going despite wanting to give up because of fans who were always by his side.

VIXX Leo will become the second member of the group to enlist in the military following N.

Fans are shocked to learn of this but also wish him all the best.

Take care of yourself Leo!


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