Following last night’s episode of “Vagabond,” fans have been wondering whether the drama has a second season in the works.

The open-ending had fans furious because they had been expecting a full-rounded ending that is both satisfying and would do the series its justice, however, they were surprised by how unfinished it was.

This is why fans began thinking that Netlfix and SBS could be planning a second season. The production staff of “Vagabond” finally responded to fans’ questions about a second season.

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The production company behind “Vagabond,” Celltrion Entertainment told OSEN,

“The production period was very long, so everyone’s feeling both relieved and sad at the same time. The production process took 11 months, and if you could the planning phase, it’s even longer than that.

It was planned and produced with a second season in mind. However, the second season hasn’t been confirmed and it’s currently being reviewed. We’re checking the schedules of actors, writers, and directors.”

They ended their statement expressing gratitude to the actors and the staff who worked so hard during filming.

Would you like to see a second season of “Vagabond”?

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