“Vagabond” Open Ending Has Fans Furious And Disappointed, Will There Be A Second Season?


“Vagabond” has aired its last episode today- episode 16- and it has left fans with more questions than answers.

“Vagabond” is a pre-produced drama that faced setbacks at the beginning because of pending issues in their deal with Netflix, it was originally supposed to air in May of 2019 but was pushed back to September, it also aired on Netflix.

As far as fans know, “Vagabond” cast and crew never discussed the possibility of a second season when promoting the drama ahead of its start. However, the ending of “Vagabond” left people with more questions than answers since it didn’t solve anything but rather raised more questions.

UPDATE: “Vagabond” Staff Responds To Fans’ Hopes Of A Second Season


Some fans are furious with the drama for wasting 16 episodes without giving a conclusion. Interestingly, we had already seen the ending of “Vagabond” during the first episode of the drama. Because the last scene of “Vagabond” shows Suzy’s character riding in a limousine headed somewhere, Lee Seung Gi’s character is on standby with another shooter waiting for the car to arrive so they could kill who’s inside it.

To the surprise of Dal Geon, he sees his lover Hae Ri when she steps out from the car to see what happened after their limousine tire was shot. Dal Geon is given the command to kill Hae Ri but he hesitates, he ends up shooting the other sniper at standby, he wipes his tears as he allows Hae Ri to get away in another car.

Throughout episode 16 there was no indication that the episode is the end of the series, it seemed to be a continuation rather than the wrap-up episode that’ll tie everything together making sure Edward is punished and Dal Geon getting his happy ending reuniting with Hae Ri.

During the last episode, Hae Ri is convinced Dal Geon is dead and plots her own scheme to get back at Edward Park teaming up with who used to be her enemy, Jessica. While Dal Geon teams up with who used to be the sniper hired to kill him, Lilly.

In a twisted unexplained turn of events, fans are left wondering what the purpose of the series is. Some are hopeful since “Vagabond” was a huge hit. The drama continuously performed well and received great ratings; some are convinced there could be plans for a second season. There hasn’t been any official response from the production team of this drama, yet.

Here are some of fans comments:

This ending must be a MEME !!! Like c’mon, if there’s no season 2, this drama is just my most ‘left hanging’ drama I’ve ever watched in my life !!!

I’m sure there is a season 2 cause if not this doesn’t make sense

Who has a WTF face right now with that Ending!

Honestly I don’t like the ending. Hope they will do a season 2 ( I’m pessimist about that ). There are so many questions unsolved.

first off all, wtf is this? is this the ending? i mean why they did it to us? is there any season 2 rumor? ahhhhhhhh i’m stressed

What a disappointment!!!!! Was this some kind of joke or what?

hahaha u take time to watch some korean tv show ,with nice start ,good actors ,decent plot ,u got excited for last episode and then u get this fcn shitty END ….WTF !!!!!!

What kind of ending is this? Feels like i’ve been cheated… are they making a second season?

This year we have many dramas that started out really good and exciting but the ending is like shit. What happened to all the good writers? What a waste of drama budget. Memories of Alhambra and Arthdal Chronicle have the same lousy is ending. Feel so cheated. I cant believe this is happening again.

This drama is certainly unfinished.It doesn’t make sense with the ending.So if there’s no season 2 well we ‘re screwed.

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Despite the open-ending which could be described as a disappointment for fans who had been wanting to see a happy ending for their leads, many fans praised the actors of this drama. Everyone worked hard and performed well. Stay tuned for updates on the possibility of season two.

Are you disappointed by the ending? Do you think there will be season two?


  1. This is such a dissapointment really.. I was like wait what???? Is this the ending???!!!!! 99% unfinished story c’mon netflix!! You can do better than this. Don’t waste such good actors, it doesnt come by so often you know! They are all busy with their commitments and maybe no chance of getting back to work again together I like the old kdramas whether happy or sad ending atleast with closure!!

  2. First time I talked my brother into watching a KDrama thinking he would like since lots of action and he now wonders why we watch KDramas!!!!!! I know he’ll never do it again….we thought esp 16 was a new arc to the series but no that was it….

  3. This definitely should have season 2 or else will never watch k-drama again in my life. People are right! Koreans are the best at starting a drama but the worst in wrapping it up! Lame!

  4. Just what the fuckin’ fuck happened?! What a terrible ending this drama has! Tell you what, i’ve spent 16 hours straight watching Vagabond bcoz I was so hooked up! And here comes the most bullshit ending I’ve ever watched! The actors were great alright, the plot and everything was so perfect but definitely not the ending! There should a season 2! Shame on you PDs and Netflix if there’s not!

  5. Did I just wasted 16 hours to get to this crappy ending?! I really don’t care for season 2, as I don’t think I will have the patience watch another shitty ending.

  6. I think we need to ask Netflix. This movie has 32 episodes and had been already shown i guess in Korean. They have issue with Netflix. Netflix please do something about this.

  7. Is there a season 2. Its disappointed me i though edward will suffer and the two couple will be happy…..


    I really like this drama♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


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