Girls’ Generation Taeyeon has had it with people claiming they could’ve been a part of her group.

On the most recent episode of MBN’ “Voice Queen,” contestant Hong Min Ji introduced herself as a former SM trainee who almost made it to Girls’ Generation; she was a trainee from about 17 years ago. She said she shed tears when she saw Girls’ Generation debut.

Taeyeon has apparently been made aware of the episode and had this to say to the contestant and to those in general who’d like to use Girls’ Generation to their advantage.

Here is what she wrote to her Instagram story:

“The eight of us have been doing everything we can to make our debut in the group called Girls’ Generation for quite some time, and it’s never a group that’s been hastily put together in one day.

While it’s true that we’ve tried to put together the best members, we’ve spent a lot of time together even before we were first shown to the general public, and the group is not like a bus stop that anyone can go through at least once.

Unless you have manipulated the memory of the members, I would appreciate those who have no recollection of sweating and working hard together to refrain from carelessly surprising us by using Girls’ Generation name.”

Taeyeon’s post suggests that Hong Min Ji had never even practiced with them. Fans showed her support after the statement she put out. The story has gone viral and was covered by every Korean news outlet. Since then, Hong Min Ji apologized to Girls’ Generation fans on Instagram.

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This isn’t the first time a former SM trainee had stated that they were almost a part of the final lineup for Girls’ Generation, while there is no way to fully know who was almost supposed to be a part of the group, it seems that Taeyeon has had it with some people trying to use her group name so hastily.

What do you think of her statement?


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