After Being Ostracized From His Group Due To His Marriage, Super Junior Sungmin Set To Release Solo Album

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Super Junior Sungmin will greet fans soon!

On November 4, news outlets reported that Super Junior Sungmin was set to release his first solo album soon. In response to those reports, SJ Label confirmed that this is indeed happening.

A source from the agency stated that Super Junior Sungmin is currently preparing for his first solo album that is set to be released around mid-November. Sungmin has remained an inactive member of Super Junior since his marriage back in December 2014.

Since his marriage, Super Junior fandom in South Korea announced their plans to boycott group activities on numerous occasions whenever it was reported that Super Junior would be making a comeback. The fandom stated that his handling of the marriage news was not acceptable according to their standards. Thus, he has been relatively inactive in all of Super Junior activities since. He stepped out of all their comebacks since then.

Sungmin didn’t participate in Super Junior’s latest comeback either which happened about a month ago. Back then, SJ Label confirmed that he will greet fans through individual activities soon. It must be that they were talking about his upcoming solo album.

He had most recently released a solo track for SM Station back in March of 2018.

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What are your thoughts on this? Are you glad to have him back?

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My Personal Thoughts

I wonder how SUJU fans in South Korea plan on reacting to this. For a group the size of Super Junior, I always wondered why they never pushed ahead and added him back to the group comebacks despite some fans demands. It’s not like they debuted 2 years ago and must follow every fan order.

I still think that it’s a shame the way he was treated and wish him the best. He truly is one of the most heartbreaking stories of idols who paid a heavy price for falling in love.

The fandom culture in South Korea is super different and sometimes mind-boggling. I feel sorry for idols in general, they can’t even live their lives.

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