Starship Says Suggestive Photos Claimed To Be Of MONSTA X Shownu Are Manipulated, Vows To Take Strong Legal Action


MONSTA X and their fans just can’t catch a break!

On November 3, an individual posted three photos on twitter. The individual claims that they were of MONSTA X Shownu. The photos are suggestive, in one of them, a man can be seen sleeping on his bed wearing only underwear and the other photos are more explicit because the individual appears to be naked.

The photos quickly spread online and caused huge issues, Starship entertainment was made aware of the situation and they quickly released a statement strongly denying the photos in question were of MONSTA X Shownu.

In their official statement to the press, they promised strict legal action against the individual who spread those photos claiming they were of MONSTA X Shownu.

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Read their statement:

“Currently, there are illegally manipulated photos of Shownu available on SNS.

We will file a report to the police on the person who posted it, including those who helped spread it, and will strongly respond with legal action through our legal representatives by filing civil suits for violating the Act on special cases concerning punishments of sexual violence crimes, circulating material deemed pornographic by the Act on Information and Communications Network, and violating personal rights.”

This is the second time MONSTA X Shownuhad been involved in controversy in the span of a couple of days. Han Seo Hee previously posted screenshots that claim he had an affair with a married woman. Starship shut down those rumors and explained the situation to fans while also promising strict legal action against the spreading of false rumors.

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MONSTA X fans are extremely distressed and worried about the members, they have already lost Wonho who left the group and terminated his contract with his label a couple of days ago.

What do you think of this?

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  1. I think it’s all BS. Starship did not threaten legal action against this evil entity for what she said about Wonho. But maybe now she’ll get what she deserves for bringing up idols very distant pasts(some from when they were kids). I’d say send her to North Korea to serve her prison time!

    • Han so Hee got no Sense! Bitch plz stop …. u deserve helll becoz of the state B.I. is in no wonder why u trynna bring them done becoz, u totally nuts nd psycho

  2. Starships enertment you need to get in the program do lasting to all rumors I don’t think this showno and wonho did all that I feel the you should have there back because you need them they money.
    Not that BITCH she just need money and the to boys was a big break for to strat rumors. Let wonho come back and don’t lose no one member because of her not worth it.

  3. This whole situation hurts me. I would hate to think that I could be held accountable for something I did as a teen ager. Also I wish people would be more forgiving to idols when it comes ti some things. Not all of them cone from fluffy backgrounds and were afforded everything the world has to offer such as great living conditions, plenty to eat and a great education. Some had to literally live off their wits d may havr done things that would now embarrass them to death. Once you see a person has overcime insurmountable obstacles to make something of themselves. Why can’t more supportive of who thy have become. After all, they could have tajen a different route a d become a real criminal.

  4. That female is a Poisonous SNAKE in capital letters, who’s a attention whore who wants to bring others down,who have worked hard and made a name for themselves,because She failed to do so,Wonho has stated in the past,that he did something’s that he was not proud of,when he was young and immature,he was also very poor at that time,but since Wonho has been a trainee,he’s done nothing but work hard to prove himself and better his family circumstances,I’ve seen this young man be so considerate of Monbebe’s, I’m a mature fan old enough to be their Mother or Grandmother ,his thoughtfulness reminds me so much of my son,So I always cheer for him Shownu and Jooheony,Who have my three sons personalities,but I love all of MonsterX, but Wonho is my favorite I can see his vulnerability,as I’m sure most Monbebe’s can, He’s not someone you can just throw away and exspect the group to keep functioning properly,You should get him to come back immediately,as he’s a very important part of the group the heart,And stand behind him 100% we will.

    • I too am an older fan and agree with everything you have said , I binged watched no mercy and all programmes about them with my 28 he old daughter and the way he cares for his mum and the fans is so touching , when my daughter got to see them in London she had high touch tickets , the schedule was running late and staff were pushing to get the line through quicker , my girl suffered a broken neck 10 years ago and although looking ok , has issues with her balance ,she stumbled and all the guys looked so mad and gave her hand an extra squeeze when she reached them , they don’t deserve this , I can only hope that justice will prevail , I have so much respect for these guys .

  5. I feel like everyone tends to forget that every artist is an actual human being as well. They are bound to make mistakes and have their bad days. But when somebody tries to exploit them for their past before they were even a part of the group, thats just pure evil. Obviously members have moved on and grown up. Monsta X should not be experiencing all of this, they literally just had their big international hit. Something needs to be done immediately about Shownu or else we will lose him just like we lost Wonho. I know hes supposed to be going off to training soon anyway, but still. We need justice for our members.

  6. This bitch… like seriously, she’s not only ruining idols careers (T.O.P, Wonho, Shownu, etc…) she’s ruining THEIR LIVES. What I would give to punch this girl. And now this??? What’s next??? Monsta x’s disbandment? I am seriously heartbroken and like most monbebes, pleading that this isn’t real and that somehow, in someway, Wonho will come back. I can’t emotionally register this.

  7. Glad to see some comments from ‘older’ monbebes as i am one too. What id like to know is can Wonho still at least speak to his brothers? I feel like their performance recently were done to try and honor him since he is such a huge part of them. As a mother with three children i know how protective they are of each other and imagine these 7 men are the same way. I do not like that Starship has not at least let us know how wonho is fairing. I know the other giys are not being allowed to voice their true thoughts and it makes my heart ache daily. This new album is soooo good and was looking forward to see them share more and more about it together. We’re still here fighting for all 7 of theses amazing men!!!

  8. Starship entertainment should have Monsta X back more. There are so many people who love them and all because a evil little SNAKE started rumors about Wonho doesn’t mean sue her later, it means sue right then and there. Wohno and Shownu dont deserve any of the things they are getting right now.
    -A random monbebe who loves them very much.

  9. Han so Hee got no Sense! Bitch plz stop …. u deserve helll becoz of the state B.I. is in no wonder why u trynna bring them done becoz, u totally nuts nd psycho


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