MONSTA X and their fans just can’t catch a break!

On November 3, an individual posted three photos on twitter. The individual claims that they were of MONSTA X Shownu. The photos are suggestive, in one of them, a man can be seen sleeping on his bed wearing only underwear and the other photos are more explicit because the individual appears to be naked.

The photos quickly spread online and caused huge issues, Starship entertainment was made aware of the situation and they quickly released a statement strongly denying the photos in question were of MONSTA X Shownu.

In their official statement to the press, they promised strict legal action against the individual who spread those photos claiming they were of MONSTA X Shownu.

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Read their statement:

“Currently, there are illegally manipulated photos of Shownu available on SNS.

We will file a report to the police on the person who posted it, including those who helped spread it, and will strongly respond with legal action through our legal representatives by filing civil suits for violating the Act on special cases concerning punishments of sexual violence crimes, circulating material deemed pornographic by the Act on Information and Communications Network, and violating personal rights.”

This is the second time MONSTA X Shownuhad been involved in controversy in the span of a couple of days. Han Seo Hee previously posted screenshots that claim he had an affair with a married woman. Starship shut down those rumors and explained the situation to fans while also promising strict legal action against the spreading of false rumors.

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MONSTA X fans are extremely distressed and worried about the members, they have already lost Wonho who left the group and terminated his contract with his label a couple of days ago.

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