Former MONSTA X member Wonho has officially left Starship Entertainment!

On November 1, Starship Entertainment released an official statement to the press after Dispatch released an exclusive report exposing Wonho’s dark past and alleged drug use.

The agency revealed that due to ‘the recent series of events’ they can no longer maintain their exclusive contract with Wonho,

“As of November 1, 2019, Wonho’s contract with Starship has been terminated.”

Regarding allegations of Wonho possessing and using illegal marijuana in 2013 (before his debut with MONSTA X in 2015), the label says that its true that Wonho was inspected after MONSTA X concert in Germany and that he underwent a simple liquid and body test, but they were part of the airport security check and the label wasn’t even informed of an ongoing investigation.

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They ended their statement with,

“We feel a heavy responsibility for causing trouble to many people in this situation, and will do our best until the end so that he can diligently participate in the investigation.

Once again, we apologize to the fans who really cherish MONSTA X. We apologize.”

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