Song Hye Kyo Setting Records Internationally Proving Her Huge Popularity, The First Korean Actress To Get This


Song Hye Kyo is not only beloved in her own country but overseas as well!

The beloved actress has received a special gift from her fans. On November 17, a large ad for Song Hye Kyo began running in Times Square, fans had prepared a special event for her birthday which takes place on November 22.

While Times Square ads are popular among idols and many international fans do this for a variety of reasons such as celebration, it marks the first time a Korean actress has been gifted an advertisement in Times Square for her birthday.

If you take a look at the ad, you can see that it was organized by both Korean and international fans of Song Hye Kyo.

Song Hye Kyo has had an eventful year; she’s currently focusing on herself and taking time off following the divorce settlement with Song Joong Ki.

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Check out the ad below:

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