Following reports about BTS Jungkookcar accident, police released an official statement to clarify a couple of points as some antis have been spreading misinformation.

It was reported earlier today that BTS Jungkook caused a minor car accident with a taxi driver. Big Hit released an official statement clarifying the facts, they revealed that Jungkook admitted to his mistakes and was questioned by police; they also revealed that they settled with the taxi driver.

Due to the sudden news, speculations arouse and some were claiming that he drove under the influence; luckily, the police released an official statement to the press to clarify the facts.

They iterated what Big Hit stated, that he was driving his own car in the area of Hannam when he broke a traffic law and caused a car accident with a taxi. However, the case is currently being investigated internally since the taxi driver’s medical diagnosis has not been received yet.

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They also added that Jungkook didn’t drive under the influence like some antis had been spreading, they also explained that once the medical diagnosis is received and if personal harm is confirmed, Jungkook will be booked and investigated,

“There are no plans currently to summon Jungkook.”

Fans are glad police clarified misunderstanding and are happy that both Jungkook and the victim are ok.

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