Park Jimin Exposes DMs Of Netizen Sexually Harassing Her Online, Fans Furious


Singer Park Jimin has had enough with malicious disgusting trolls!

Park Jimin had recently shared that she received many sexually harassing messages after she posted a couple of photos of herself. The photos became a hot topic among netizens and it attracted the attention of some seriously sick people who proceeded to sexually harass Park Jimin via DMs on Instagram.

Back then, she stated that she would be taking legal action and reporting those comments.

Recently, Park Jimin decided she has had enough and exposed one netizen who kept harassing her online with disgusting messages. She did that via her Instagram live.

Here is how the conversation reads:

netizen: your tits got so big, Jimin.

Jimin: shut up you crazy bastard.

netizen: you shut up, you bitch.

Jimin: well, I never said anything; you’re the one who started it.

netizen: it’s true they got a lot bigger, you’re starting to piss me off.

Jimin: hahahahhaa, are you scared? You deleted it all.

netizen: is this your boyfriend?

Jimin: Yeah. Do you think we’re friends now because we sent a couple of messages? Get it together buddy, if you’re older than me, then there is truly no answer, and if you’re younger, I’ll just assume you haven’t matured yet.

And don’t go around sending such DMs to other celebrities. I hope you realize that just because they don’t respond doesn’t mean they’re putting up with it and moving on.

But then again, if you knew that, you wouldn’t have done this [to me] in the first place. I’ve had a hard time putting up with you, piss off!

What do you think of such behavior?


  1. Good for her!! This is the kind of behavior that needs to be called out and reported. If people ignore it then the netizens think it’s okay to do it again. I applaud her!!


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