“Melting Me Softly” Only Recently Ended, But Ji Chang Wook Is Already In Talks For His Next Project


It seems that Ji Chang Wook is planning on going back to work soon!

Ji Chang Wook first comeback drama following his military discharge, “Melting Me Softly,” aired its last episode last night on November 17. It’s been reported that Ji Chang Wook is already looking through his next project.

On November 18, a news outlet reported that Ji Chang Wook is the final stages of reviewing his next project to be titled “LUCA” which stands for ‘Last Universal Common Ancestor.’ The news outlet reported that the drama will be 12-episode pre-produced drama to air on tvN around early to mid-2020.

In response to the report, Ji Chang Wook’s agency confirmed that he was indeed offered a role in the drama but he’s still reviewing the offer. Nothing has been confirmed yet. A source from tvN also added that “LUCA” is only one of the projects they’re thinking of scheduling in, they also confirmed Ji Chang Wook is still in talks and that nothing has been confirmed yet.

“LUCA” is based on Charles Darwin’s proposition that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors. Korean dramas have not dealt with genetics before; many fans are showing interest in his possible upcoming project.

“LUCA” will be directed by Kim Hong Seon who previously worked on OCN’s “Voice,” “Black,” and “The Guest.” It’ll be written by Screenwriter Chun Sung Il who previously worked on KBS2’s “Slave Hunters,” “The Package,” and more.

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What do you think of this script? Are you excited about Ji Chang Wook upcoming project?

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