Lee Seung Gi Comments About “Vagabond” Season 2 Gives Fans Renewed Hope

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Lee Seung Gi has finally shared his own thoughts about the ending of “Vagabond” and what he thinks of the possibility of season two.

After the conclusion of SBS hit series “Vagabond,” fans expressed their disappointment and worry. The series didn’t end as expected and there was no clear indication of episode 16 being the end, rather a continuation into another season.

Lee Seung Gi recently sat down for an interview to discuss his recently concluded drama and the challenges he faced while filming.

He talked about the action scenes and how hard he trained for them, he said he would stretch before filming and tried his best no to overdo it. About his dedication to doing his own action scenes, he says it seriously affects the number of scenes that he can use on a camera if he films his own stunts versus if he films with the help of a stuntman.

Lee Seung Gi says that doing action scenes is becoming more difficult, he likes the fact that he’s getting this action image becoming the go-to actor for action dramas but he also says that his body hurts so much, he says that he always felt nervous acting out these scenes.

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When asked about the possibility of a second season for “Vagabond,” Lee Seung Gi gave a positive answer; he said he’d love to return for a second season. He says the story doesn’t end there without a second season. He was cautious answering this question since it hasn’t been confirmed yet, he says,

“If the opportunity arises, I’d love to return for season 2.”

The production staff had previously stated that “Vagabond” was made with season two in mind,

“The second season hasn’t been confirmed and it’s currently being reviewed. We’re checking the schedules of actors, writers, and directors.”

This had left fans even more frustrated because the possibility of a second season was still up in the air since Korean actors are extremely busy, it might be difficult to match their schedules again for season two. But fans are happy to see Lee Seung Gi addressing the possibility of season two with a positive mind.

Would you like to see a second season of “Vagabond”?

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