Ku Hye Sun Opens Up About How Ahn Jae Hyun Changed And Her Feelings About The Divorce In Her Most Candid Interview To Date


Ku Hye Sun has shared more intimate details about what led to her divorce from Ahn Jae Hyun in a recent interview with Women’s DongA magazine.

Ku Hye Sun has been the vocal one following the announcement of their divorce; she talked about all sorts of things in this interview. She spoke about how she felt when the initial announcement was released, how Ahn Jae Hyun began to change right in front of her eyes, her mother’s opposition to their marriage and moving on.

Ku Hye Sun talked about how much her parents worried deeply about her after the initial announcement,

“When the first article (about the divorce) came out, my parents thought I was going to die. I am not usually the type of person to get angry, but my level of aggression was really high.

Everyone was surprised and worried about me since I was doing things I don’t usually do. They said they shouldn’t leave me alone. At first, my sister came in and stayed with me for a week, then my mom came. I was in the hospital for about a month. I received counseling and now I have calmed down my mind.”

Opposite to what people expected, Ku Hye Sun’s mother was actually opposed to her marriage. Ku Hye Sun explained that her mother had wanted her to live freely doing her own work and traveling,

“When I went to introduce him to her, she said, ‘Now he’s good to you because he likes you, but dating and marriage are different. Love can fade away while living together and there will be many obstacles. Wouldn’t it be better to get to know each other taking more time to find out if he’s someone who can endure all of those things with you?’ But then it happened, and it was my choice in the end, so I wondered, ‘what did I do wrong, where did I go wrong?’”

Ku Hye Sun also went into details about what led to the divorce; she explained that Ahn Jae Hyun’s attitude changed after getting cast in “Love with Flaws.” She said he would exercise and go out early in the morning and come home late drunk,

“When he got a studio apartment in June, I couldn’t reach him for a month, so I thought he needed more time to practice and concentrate on his own. But a month later, he said he wanted to live freely and asked for divorce.”

Ku Hye Sun also opened up about how she felt when she heard him say this,

“I didn’t work a lot after getting married while my husband worked a lot and someone needed to do the housework. I regressed while my husband grew and I felt abandoned.

When we first met, I was hit senior and he respected me. Housework is important but I felt like I was being ignored and thrown out for not standing on my own.”

During the entirety of their divorce battle, Ku Hye Sun had repeated over and over again that she wouldn’t be getting a divorce, however, her tone changed this time, she says she’s getting a divorce,

“We have to get a divorce. There is no reason for him to see me again. Most of all, it’s hard to accept the fact that he discussed his personal life with the agency.”

Netizens are split; some welcomed her honesty while others asked her to stop talking about her divorce.

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  1. No matter what you’re going through there is always hope, and you will be fine, as fir your career dont give up. Dont listen. To social media, people will talk whether you do right or wrong. Focus on yourself and strive to be who you were meant to be.

  2. You deserved so much better. Forget about him he is not worth it. Move on and leave him in the past where he belongs. I can’t understand why he would discuss your personal matters with your Agency sounds a bit suspicious to me as if they are up to something. Ignore all the hate comments and stay strong. Please get back to your career you are a wonderful actress ❤️❤️

  3. It seems, like many women, you abandoned your self when you married. When he unexpectedly announced that he wanted a divorce you felt confused, betrayed and abandoned. This state creates a profound shock and grief. Women in this state thrash around trying to understand why this has happened and, still being in love because their abandonment has been totally unexpected, hoping for and yearning that their partner will return. Anyone can behave as you have given these circumstances. It is heart breaking. It takes time to recover from such a shock. I’m happy for you that the grief has subsided and you are finding your stable self again. I hope you are happy and enjoy a fulfilling life.

  4. I think he was a coward and a looser to not say worse. He used her and that’s awful to do! She truly had fallen in love and he took advantage of this. I really feel for what she went through and even though she kept trying to do anything to save her marriage, and he was going out and acting up. Ya know it will truly affect her in any future relationships and it’s his fault. Liliana


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