Han Seo Hee is one of the most notorious people in the Kpop sphere, despite not even being an idol she continues to cause issues to various groups by ‘exposing’ information about their past.

For the past couple of days, Han Seo Hee stroke again, she exposed information about former MONSTA X member Wonho, she claimed he used to be in a juvenile center and even posted messages alluding to MONSTA X Shownu being involved with a married woman. Thankfully, Starship released a statement explaining Shownu’s situation.

Her latest victims are none other than MONSTA X and their fandom. But those people weren’t the only ones she had previously targeted. She was involved with BIGBANG T.O.P and most recently former iKON member B.I, she’s the whistleblower for his ongoing drug investigation.

Kpop fans all around the world have had enough of her shenanigans, one particular Kpop fan decided to start a petition on Change.org to bring Han Seo Hee to justice. The petition is titled ‘Put Han Seo Hee in jail’ and has amassed over 35,000 signatures as of this writing.

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The person who started the petition, two days ago, brings up all the issues she has caused across the years since 2017, the petitioner wrote,

“With all the scandals and members leaving their groups because of Han Seo Hee I think it is time to speak up about this matter and do something about it. Let’s try to make the world better and get this woman in jail again, but for longer now!”

Many believe its time she stops attacking Kpop idols trying to ruin their careers, many Kpop fandoms can’t stand her continuing to expose their idols for past mistakes that should be left in the past.

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Have you signed the petition? Do you think it can do well? How do you feel about Han Seo Hee?

My personal thoughts

Imma be honest with you guys, I highly doubt this will yield any results. The only way anyone can punish her would be in South Korea, this petition expresses fandoms feelings and I understand why they’re so upset but it can only do so much.

The only people who can bring her to justice so to speak would be the idols who were harmed by her. But again, I highly doubt any of them would because I think she would strike back and reveal even more info about them and they’re scared of that [just a thought].

As I have said before, I think she feeds off that attention and the bigger issue is that she’s succeeding in ruining these idols careers. The problem is also with companies immediately kicking out members…. that’s not the way they should handle it, she doesn’t appear to be scared of repercussions and when the companies give in so easily it’s a bad sign.

I don’t think everything should be hidden and if idols committed crimes they should naturally be punished but I have issues with the type of stuff she brings up because they’re not that significant or serious.

It doesn’t feel as if she’s trying to cleanse the industry or bring bad people to justice but rather destroy idols with dark/troublesome past. It doesn’t come from a place of concern but rather a spiteful human being who wants to do harm.

There is a more pressing matter to think of, what if she strikes again? What will she do next? That’s the truly scary part, who will be her next victim?