Kim Woo Bin Finally Returns After Successfully Beating Cancer, Say This To Everyone Who Waited For Him

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Kim Woo Bin has finally made his grand return to the industry!

Kim Woo Bin has been away from the spotlight for the past two and a half years following his cancer diagnosis in May of 2017; he halted all of his activities and focused on battling his cancer diagnosis.

He made his first public appearance last night as a presenter at the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards. He received a warm welcome from the audience who cheered him on as he marched toward the mic, he looked obviously nervous; nevertheless, he was still able to express his gratitude to those who waited for him and present the award,

“I am very nervous,” he bowed when he greeted everyone,

“It’s my first time greeting everyone in a long time, so I worried a lot about what I should say. Rather than anything else, I would like to begin by saying thank you. A few years ago, my health was very poor. But many people cheered me on and prayed for me so that I could overcome it. Now, I am able to greet you in good shape sooner because of that.

I sincerely thank you,”

Kim Woo Bin bowed again and received another warm round of applause. He presented the award for Best Short Film to “Milk” director Jang Yoo Jin. Kim Woo Bin is currently in talks to make his grand return through Director Choi Dong Hoon upcoming movie.

Check out his speech below:

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Are you glad to see him back?

By Hilda Moore

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  1. I am so happy that he is already back. This person beat cancer and now is healthy. He wanted to stay alive but others who have illness ended their life thru suicide. I am not condemning Sulli and Hara personally but the act that they have committed. I know they have endless chaotic things inside of them that thay were battling for so many years but Woobin had cancer and he stood up for that. He encouraged himself that he would be able to beat it and he had beaten it. I hope K celebrities were all like Wooobin. May it be physical illness or mental. They need to encourage themselves and fight for their lives and beat those circumstances bc being LIFE is so worthy to fight for.


  2. I am so glad he is back and I hope he is hear to stay life is beautiful and we are not here long us I am in my senior years and a grandmother to boot that’s why you should’ve had children to carried on when you are gone so Kim Woo bin I will be so glad to see him I love you heaps yours Robyn Lewis

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