Jun Hyun Moo Confirmed To Be Dating 15-Years Younger Announcer Lee Hye Sung


Jun Hyun Moo has found a new girlfriend!

On November 12, it was reported that Jun Hyun Moo and announcer Lee Hye Sung were dating.

According to initial reports, Sports Donga cited industry insiders’ information to break the news. The two had appeared together when Lee Hye Sung hosted the press conference for KBS’s variety show “Boss Ears” starring Jun Hyun Moo. In addition, Jun Hyun Moo appeared as the first guest on Lee Hye Sung’s KBS Cool FM radio show “Lee Hye Sung’s Heart-Fluttering Night.”

Initially, SM C&C released a short statement asking the press to give them time as they checked the facts, shortly after, they returned with a second statement confirming the dating news.

They explained that the couple had always maintained a positive senior-junior relationship and recently gained interesting in each other. Through their statement, they stated that the couple only recently began getting to know each other, they asked for fans to refrain from speculative comments that could cause them pain.

Lee Hye Sung is 15 years younger than Jun Hyun Moo which had attracted the attention of many.

Wishing them all the best!

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