IU Pays Tribute To Sulli In The Most Beautiful Way Possible, Changes Lyrics To Bid Goodbye To Her

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It’s been reported that IU had changed lyrics from her song “Red Queen” at her recent concert to pay tribute to Sulli, her close friend who passed away last month.

IU has been relatively away from the spotlight following Sulli’s passing. She was also criticized for not publicly mourning Sulli’s death, her fans defended her explaining that not everyone needs to say it publicly. IU was extremely close to Sulli.

During IU’s concert “Love Poem” on November 2, fans noticed that her famous track has had some lyrics changed. “Red Queen” was originally inspired by Sulli’s character. It was a beautiful way of paying tribute to Sulli.

IU had changed Zion.T’s rap to this [the majority of it is sung in English]:

“Fill up a black martini
Fill up the glass for the queen without pity
Made her eyes so thinly bloodshot
Will you smile to the world once more?

Hey, don’t bother queen no more
Please don’t wake queen up no more
Red queen’s going back go on
My queen keep it up go on
Fill up a black martini
Fill up the glass for the queen without pity
A bouquet of flowers in the dark
I give her lullaby bye bye bye
Bye, my majesty”

Fans think that IU changed the lyrics to pay tribute to Sulli since the song was also inspired by her. IU had previously delayed her comeback and album release due to the sudden passing of Sulli. It was also reported that she was at the wake of Sulli’s funeral during the entire time.

Listen to the original song below, and to IU’s new version below:

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