HyunA Reveals Surprising Facts About Her Dating Life With Dawn + Who Confessed Their Feelings First


HyunA is back!

For the first time since her departure from Cube Entertainment due to the revelation of her dating news, HyunA rarely made TV appearances and hasn’t released music.

Back in early 2019, she and her boyfriend Dawn signed an exclusive contract with PSY’s new label; fans were excited to hear new music from her.

PSY and HyunA started teasing new music not too long ago, and today, on November 5, HyunA officially came back with “Flower Shower.”

HyunA has been busy promoting her recent release, she appeared on November 5th episode of SBS “Access Showbiz Tonight.” She danced to the key point of her newest track and answered various questions about her love life on TV which is something that she had rarely done since the news of her dating broke out.

When asked why she revealed her relationship with Dawn, she answered,

“I didn’t want to lie to the people who love me. I felt sorry, but also very thankful.

That’s why I was able to gain even more strength [after revealing the relationship]. I think I was a bit selfish because it’s been a while since my debut, but it wasn’t as long for him.”

She also spoke fondly about Dawn, she says that he’s a bit blunt but also sensitive and even commented on his skinny figure; she says he eats when she eats because he doesn’t have a big appetite. She also talked about how they connected through music. When asked who confessed first, she revealed,

“I actually, that was me. I liked him for a while. I then carefully told him I liked him, and he suddenly asked me out, he said we should date.”

When asked who does aegyo more, she says that he has more aegyo than her, especially when he’s apologetic if he’s done something wrong.

In related news, Dawn also made his solo debut with “Money.”

Check out the full interview, are you a fan of the couple?

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