On November 10 BIGBANG Taeyang and Daesung were both discharged from the military.

Thousands of fans waited for them and welcomed them back upon their discharge.

They stood before the press to take some photos and even talked about the future of BIGBANG. Before they left, they made sure to interact with fans, they even handed out snacks since fans who came early probably didn’t have the chance to eat yet.

Taeyang interactions with fans caught the attention of many. Previously, Seungri left BIGBANG and his contract was terminated due to various controversies he was involved in earlier this year [Burning Sun]. This is the first time fans got to see the members’ reactions to fans talking about Seungri.

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One fan who was live-streaming their discharge interacted with Taeyang, the fan said, “BIGBANG is 5 members,” Taeyang replied with, “I know.” The fans also asked him a favor, “Just Tell Seungri we miss him too,” he replied with, “I’ll try my best.”

Taeyang was also seen taking a Seungri doll from a fan while T.O.P liked an Instagram post about the fan who talked about the five BIGBANG members.

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