Han Seo Hee Still Trying To Damage Wonho’s Reputation, Calls Him ‘Son Of A B*Tch’ Demanding He Pays Back The Debt

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Han Seo Hee refuses to stop until the end!

Shortly before Wonho announced his departure from MONSTA X, Han Seo Hee went on to accuse him of more things.

According to EDaily, when netizens began attacking her alleged girlfriend Jung Da Eun on social media accusing her of driving illegally as a minor without license and calling her ‘murder in training,’ Han Seo Hee defended her and accused Wonho of driving without a license as well adding, ‘Wonho is a murderer in the training too.’

Even after Wonho announced his departure from MONSTA X, Han Seo Hee wouldn’t stop with her comments; she posted to Instagram a blank white post with the caption,

“Hey!!!!! Even if you leave, you need to pay back Da Eun!! Cough up the money, you son of a bitch.”

As you’d expect, MONSTA X fans were furious with Han Seo Hee awful comment amidst such a difficult time for fans.

In related news, Han Seo Hee also claimed that Shownu was allegedly involved with a married woman; Starship issued a statement clarifying those rumors.

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