Girl’s Day Hyeri Feels Hurt By News Outlets Who Put The Spotlight ONLY On Her Romance With Ryu Jun Yeol?

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Girl’s Day Hyeri recently sat down for an interview and what she said has people talking.

On November 19, she sat down for an interview to discuss her recently concluded drama “Miss Lee,” she also answered questions about her personal life.

Girl’s Day Hyeri has been in a public relationship with actor Ryu Jun Yeol for more than 2 years. They met on the set of “Reply 1988” and confirmed their relationship back in August of 2017.

Since the relationship became public, many showed interest in their romance, news outlets would frequently ask them about each other. During this interview she was also asked about him.

She said,

“Despite the fact that we’re busy, we’re happily dating. I think I meet him as much as I meet the Girl’s Day members.”

Hyeri answered questions about him but also says she’s hurt by how the focus always shifts away from her work to her romance, she said,

“To be honest, its not that I didn’t expect it [getting asked about Ryu Jun Yeol] during interviews, but I feel a little hurt when the focus shifts towards that topic while I am talking. I think, ‘I talked for an hour but the title of the news article just changed like that?’”

She then jokingly added,

“I’ve lived as Sun Shim for 8 months and came here feeling excited as soon as the drama ended!”

She also said that since her debut in the industry, she really enjoyed her recent drama “Miss Lee.”

What do you think of Hyeri’s response to media questions about her boyfriend?

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