Former KARA Member Seungyeon Leaves A Heartbreaking Goodbye Post To Goo Hara


Former KARA Member Seungyeon has finally broken her silence following the tragic sudden passing of Goo Hara.

On November 29, Seungyeon took to Instagram to mourning Goo Hara sudden tragic passing. She shared a couple of photos of their outings and captioned,

“There are many words I want to say from my heart but they’re all meaningless now.

Hara ya, hara ya.

I will live so many that people will remember you for a long time. Rest well until we meet again. I’ll tell you I love you when we meet again.”

Seungyeon is the second former KARA member to post in mourning of Goo Hara’s passing. Previously, Jiyoung who later joined KARA also posted to Instagram mourning Hara’s passing.

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Goo Hara tragically passed away on November 24 shocking the industry. May her soul rest in peace!


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