Did BLACKPINK Jennie Attend Ariana Grande And Kendall Jenner Halloween Parties? Blinks Proud Of Her

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BLACKPINK Jennie was busy in America mingling with top celebrities!

According to Alexa Luria’s Instagram Stories [one of Ariana Grande best friends], Jennie was spotted at a party hosted by Ariana Grande. Fans noticed Jennie dancing at the party dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

BLACKPINK hadmet Ariana earlier this year in Coachella; Ariana hinted to fans that she’d love to collaborate with the girls on a track in the future.

But that is not the only party Jennie is reported to have attended, she also attended a party hosted by Kendall Jenner, fans spotted her in an Instagram Story video posted by Jaden Smith.

In addition to attending two Halloween parties, Jennie also attended Will Smith’s daughter Willow Smith birthday party, she was spotted in a video where close family and friends sat down to sing Willow Smith a happy birthday.

Jennie previously met Will Smith Jada Smith at Coachella earlier this April. It seems that Jennie kept in contact with the family and became closer. Fans are proud of how far she’s come.

Are you happy to see Jennie mixing with American celebrities?

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