BTS V is one savage idol and fans are loving it!

On November 19 (KST), BTS V took to weverse to talk to fans. He wants to sleep but can’t figure out a way so he asked ARMY to help him out. Soon, many left comments with their own recommendations.

“I want to sleep, does anyone know how~~”

However, one particular fan left a comment that got a hilarious response from BTS V.

The fan wrote,

“Me! Oppa you can look at pictures of Jungkook oppa whom you love!”

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Shippers is a popular term among Kpop fans, it means that fans of a certain group actually ship members of the same group together wishing they would end up together or actually be together. BTS V seems to agree, like the majority of BTS fans, that shippers are delusional, he replied with,

“Come out of your imagination now, it’s not good (there).”

His comment generated hilarious responses from ARMY, many of them agreeing that shipping BTS members with each other is not a normal thing. It seems that V is also aware of this shipping culture and he made himself clear that he doesn’t like it.

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What do you think of his response? What do you think of shippers?