BTS V Declares Himself As The Manager Of Big Hit Rockstar Yeontan

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BTS V has appointed himself as the manager of Big Hit rockstar, the pooch, Yeontan!

Labeled the cutest dog, Yeontan gained a massive following after he was adopted by BTS V. He is so popular that ARMY has found a fandom name for the cute dog, they’re either called ‘Tannies,’ or ‘Yeonstans.’

Needless to say, with the rising popularity of the cutest rockstar in South Korea, a manager had to be hired and BTS V came to the rescue.

On November 4, BTS V uploaded a photo of a shirt that served as the declaration of his new job, the shirt read,

“My cat (scratched, Tan) is rockstar and I am a manager.”

He captioned,

“Thank you for making the best shirt.”

ARMY reacted in the best way possible with the most hilarious memes.

Are you also a fan of the cutest doggie Yeontan?

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